Your experiences change your brain.

It’s happening constantly, every moment of your life.  This is a wonderful thing.  We are learning every moment of our lives!! WooHoo!  There’s one drawback to that…………………our brains are biased to learn more from negative experiences than positive ones. But wait………………….we can learn to learn more from positive experiences than the brain’s natural tendency.  Thanks to folks studying that stuff!!!! Dr. Rick Hanson is one of those folks.

Rick Hanson PhD, neuropsychologist, has a way to help you effect your brain’s natural tendency of holding on to negative experiences and habituate the holding on of positive ones.  “Be mindful of the good,”  he says.  Hang on to it and savor it.  This helps you begin to see things differently.  Our brains have evolved to protect us.  The way it has done that is to identify negative things and avoid them.  In that light the brain is tuned in to negativity.  But, we can turn that around by learning how to savor the positive experiences and grow them.  The essence of The Feldenkrais Method(R) is a way to practice this idea.  With the method we slow down, back up, and sense the pleasantries of what we are doing and try to see how we can find more.  FUN!!