Monthly Archives: January 2020

Here We Are

Well, we made it to 2020.  Time keeps passing and eventually it shows up……………..Or………….Eventually we show up.  Russell Delman of The Embodied Life School says, “Presence is the door and embodiment is the key.”  Have you ever noticed how sometimes, “time gets away from you.” Or maybe sometimes you feel like you are having an, “out of body experience.”  In both of these cases there is no presence with embodiment.  But to feel your physical self as fully as possible in any given moment is such a gift.  Even when we are in pain, there is usually part of ourselves that is not in pain.  Can I notice that place??  And….. funny enough……….if I can allow myself to notice that place that is not in pain when I have a big pain somewhere somehow if I stick with it long enough the rest of my non-painful self comes on line too.  And maybe the non-painful bits can actually start to include the old painful places.  That’s one example of presence with embodiment.  It’s really quite extraordinary.  And we all can do it.  We just need to practice.  Sometimes it’s not a pain we’re trying to ease but a nice quality we want to find and grow.  Feldenkrais is a great way to do it.  Join us for a class!  Happy New Year!