Monthly Archives: April 2014


Where we bring our attention we become more aware.

Can we spread our attention or focus it? Is it easier to attend to something inside or outside ourselves?

Can we add perspective to our attention?

When are we more aware? When are we less aware?

How can I bring awareness to something I don’t know about?

Maybe it’s all about being aware of awareness and how mine influences what I do and how I am. Maybe it’s all about respecting others and knowing they have awareness that is probably different than mine. Maybe it’s about knowing that we all overlap in some of our awareness. Maybe it’s all about knowing that there is something I am not aware of.

This antennae I was given at birth, my human body, is a vehicle for my awareness. How shall I use it in this moment? What will I focus my attention on? What am I aware of? What am I doing? Am I doing what I want?