Monthly Archives: October 2014

Great bumper sticker: Don’t Believe What You Think

The implications of this are astonishing!!  I, not long ago was struck by the idea that, “I am not my thoughts.”  I know that may sound weird.  But, I really pondered that idea.  Our brains are in overdrive!!!!!!  We are bombarded by advertisement and suggestions every moment we are alive.  Now, granted, we don’t have to take them all in.  But, many of them are inserted without our awareness, in ways we don’t understand.  If you are practiced at meditation you probably are very aware of what you are thinking on many levels.  But, when I walk in the trees and allow myself to step out of my own way, sometimes I can hear those recordings in my brain a bit more clearly.  If I just allow myself to let them run and notice them without judgement, knowing they are not me but only a factor of what I am exposed to I don’t have to BELIEVE any of them.  So liberating!!!!  I love it!!!!  If you allow yourself to get roped into the idea of BELIEVING so many of the thoughts that cross your mind they have the power to MAKE you into something that may not be so useful.  Some beliefs are very healing. Others, not so much.  So………………….from now on…………..I will be careful to notice what I think and will only choose to BELIEVE what is helpful in the moment.  In this way I can MAKE myself into something better each moment of each day.  I invite you to join me!!