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Make Windshield Scraping Easier with The Feldenkrais Method(R)

icy-windshield  So, we have not quite reached the winter solstice here in St. Louis, Missouri.  But, I had to laugh at myself this morning while scraping my windshield.  The ice is relatively thick and pesky today from the weekend weather.

As I moved with curiosity while approaching the icy windshield I realized Moshe Feldenkrais was working in my head to clean the window.  First, find where it is easiest to start with.  There are thinner spots that have had more sun on them or less precipitation or any other number of conditions that make the surface easier to penetrate.  Second, make it small and slow.  I could jump right in and attack the ice like I see so many folks doing.  I have done that in the past.  But, if I give myself more time and make it slower and smaller it actually feels a bit easier.  Third, stay in your physical body.  So, it’s cold and I have a lot of layers on and nice boots to stand on the icy sloped surface of the driveway.  I feel where I am warmest, maybe my chest.  I feel the vibrations in my arms as the scraper meets the ice.  I feel the tension in my shoulders and ask myself the question of how it can be easier.  I then drop my shoulders a bit, feel my natural breaths, and step one foot back and feel how the pressure from my toes in my boots up through my foot and heel, ankle, shin, thigh, pelvis, spine, shoulder blade, collar bone, upper arm bone, forearm, wrist, and hand make a nice line to push the scraper.  The weight of my head and face and neck and other arm can actually help push the scraper.  Of course…………’s an entirely different story on the other side of the windshield but an equally fun investigation.  How now do I configure myself for each movement of the scraper?  Where do I meet resistance?  Can I find ease in a different angle of the scraper, which takes bigger bites in the ice with a little less effort?  Through it all, I have respect for my own comfort and ease and rest at times.  Occasionally, I stop to pull my fingers into the palms of my gloves to warm them up and feel my skeleton stacked up as I stand and find ease in my arms, chest and back.  I look at the amazing scenery around me.  It was way more fun than it can be!!!  Give it a try!  Join us in class where the heater is working and there is no ice!  Be curious about yourself and how you meet your environment and you will find something special that creates a shift in you.

Cheers,             Sandy  🙂