Wanna start feeling better and finding more of what makes you happy?  Brain plasticity a part of your everyday experience.  The way you connect with your environment and yourself and those around you is a constantly evolving process.

Allow yourself to find more comfortable ways of moving through this world of ours.  The Feldenkrais Method(R) is one way to do that. 

Join us for weekly group Awareness Through Movement Classes on Zoom.  Contact Sandy Weiss for free phone consultation, to set up individual Functional Integration Lessons, to join an Awareness Through Movement Class, or to just find out more about The Feldenkrais Method(R).

Here’s one way The Feldenkrais Method(R) can help:  Better sitting

On going weekly Awareness Through Movement classes on Zoom and In Person: Please contact sandy@mindbodyscienceworks.com, call, or text to register and receive access.

  • Tuesday evenings      On Zoom Only
    email or call for registration 314-737-6983
    6:30-7:30 pm Central Time
  • Wednesday afternoons     On Zoom and In Person
    email or call for registration 314-737-6983
    12:30-1:30 pm Central Time
  • Attend above Wednesday classes In Person in Maplewood, Missouri.  Space is limited.  Contact Sandy at 314-737-6983 to register for in person.

     *  If you can’t make it to Zoom or in person classes you can receive weekly audio lessons via recording access to do when it’s convenient for you.  Contact Sandy for on going or weekly access to recordings.


Sign up for SLEEP CAMP.  This is a 4 week workshop to get you on your way to better sleep.

 Please contact sandy@mindbodyscienceworks.com, call, or text to register and receive access.

Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30pm  July 31st through August 21st  

On Zoom or in person at 3134 Sutton Blvd., Maplewood, MO

email call or text for registration 314-737-6983

 on start date!  

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