Individual Lessons

I also provide one-on-one lessons that work directly to meet your individual needs. These lessons are gentle interactions with light touch and possibly some verbal information between the practitioner and the student that guide the student through gentle easy movements. The purpose is to bring sensory attention to the patterns of thought and body action or inaction which the student is not able to sense in the moment. As the private lessons progress a student gradually opens sensory awareness of these body patterns which can improve movement, decrease and eliminate pain, and improve thought and mental processing throughout the entire nervous system and the body.  A series of 3 lessons is often recommended, but not required, if the individual is experiencing significant discomfort and is not participating in group lessons at that time.  Call me for an individual lesson at one of my offices locations in Maplewood at 3134 Sutton or Chesterfield near 141 and I-64. I can also come to you. These lessons usually last from 45 to 90 minutes.  $90 a lesson at the office, $100-$120 a lesson in home depending on your location in the St. Louis Region.  Packages are available upon request.  With the current corona virus I am also offering individual lessons through the use of zoom for a rate of $60 per lesson.  If you prefer in person lessons at the office or at home I wear a mask throughout the entire session and surfaces are cleaned with linens exchanged between individuals.  Air is exchanged for 30 minutes between individuals for office visits.