Mind Body Science LLC was established to bring The Feldenkrais Method to more people in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area.  As a Physical Therapist since 1989 and having practiced on the east coast, west coast, the south and the mid-west of the US, I learned about The Method(R) early in my career but wasn’t ready to embrace it until sometime around 2008.  In an attempt to ameliorate some overuse patterns I had developed as an Ironman triathlete  I returned to The Feldenkrais Method(R) because Physical Therapy interventions were not resolving my difficulties.

Since then I have become a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, GCFP.  It appears that this “whole self” method of communicating with the nervous system has functions that standard Physical Therapy does not approach. The typical Physical Therapy approach is not as multidimensional as The Feldenkrais Method(R) perspective.  I believe that the “whole self” messages delivered by this method allow greater and deeper change in functional mobility. This method is more all inclusive of the “whole self” than standard Physical Therapy practice tends to be.  Funny enough, when we compartmentalize ourselves as the medical model has taught us to do we lose our natural ability to overcome certain difficulties that would be easier to address from a whole self perspective.

In the medical model the patient receives something from the practitioner.  In The Feldenkrais Method(R) the practitioner shares a lesson with a student.  It’s a more circular function.  When we address our difficulties of all kinds from a fuller whole self  perspective we begin to understand how our mind and our body are really the same thing.  It’s easier to leave parts of ourselves out of the picture when it comes to healing, learning, growing and developing if we don’t acknowledge the mind-body connection.  Just like in our society, when we judge one part to be more important than another the system fails us in some aspects.  Using the Feldenkrais Method(R) of interacting with a pain, or difficulty of any kind can lessen our body-mind’s natural tendencies to judge.  When judgement is allowed to subside more options for smooth efficient movement become available.  At the same time more growth and positive change can come into awareness.

Although standard Physical Therapy is very helpful it must all be measurable and goal directed by “industry standards.” “Industry standards,” often don’t match up with whole-self awareness of the individual.  I believe this is a reason many patients to Physical Therapy either don’t get full resolution of their discomfort or it comes back after they discontinue their exercises.  Feldenkrais(R) allows greater change on a personal level so that the whole mind-body is included.  It allows “whole self” change at one time on many levels.  Exercises are either not necessary or only for a short time.  In this way The Method(R) often helps those not helped by Physical Therapy or when Physical Therapy cannot help anymore.  It has also helped many in place of Physical Therapy.

As The Method(R) stands alone it allows progress for overall improvement in functioning of the “whole self” in whatever realm you seek to improve. 

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