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Mind Body Science LLC was established to bring The Feldenkrais Method to more people in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area.  As a physical therapist since 1989  I learned about The Method early in my career but wasn’t ready to embrace it until sometime around 2008.  In an attempt to ameliorate some overuse patterns I had developed as an Ironman triathlete  I returned to The Feldenkrais Method.  Since then I have become a guild certified practitioner of The Method.  It appears that this “whole self” method of communicating with the nervous system has functions that standard physical therapy does not approach.  The typical physical therapy approach is not as multidimensional as The Feldenkrais Method perspective.  I believe that the “whole self” messages delivered by this method allow greater and deeper change in functional mobility.  And because it’s more all inclusive of the “whole self” than standard physical therapy practice it doesn’t meet face to face with our body-mind’s natural tendencies to judge.  When judgement is allowed to subside more options for smooth efficient movement become available. At the same time more growth and positive change can come into awareness.  Although standard physical therapy is very helpful it must all be measurable and goal directed by “industry standards.” “Industry standards,” don’t always match up with individual sensory awareness.  This method allows greater change on a sensory level.  It allows “whole self” change at one time on many levels.  In this way The Method often helps those not helped by Physical Therapy or when Physical Therapy cannot help anymore.

As The Method stands alone it allows progress to overall improved self image and functioning of the “whole self” in whatever realm you seek to improve. 

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