Spring in our actions

It’s spring here in St. Louis. The cicada’s are here in droves. We are
waiting for the peak emergence of these insects. Sometime ago there was an
event like this here in which people were creating all kinds of recipes that
included them. I did not imbibe.

But this EMERGENCE idea is an interesting one to me. We all have a type of
spring or impetus for different things. It’s as if there is something ready to
emerge at any moment. In Feldenkrais many of our lessons develop into a type of
opening and closing or rising and lowering type of action, like flowers or the
sun and moon and sea. Many people don’t realize this action exists within them.
Many people feel, “I am how I am.” But we are each a process. And
there are waves to our processes. Like the emergence of the 13year and the
17year cicada’s that will apparently be coming to a crescendo here pretty soon.
As humans we can attempt to suppress this process within ourselves. But, as
learning and developing beings for the full length of our lives we will continue
to evolve. By allowing the opening and closing waves of our processes to act
within us and not resisting, but instead observing and engaging we can
facilitate our development. We can continue to learn and evolve and progress.
We too are emerging. We are all getting better everyday in everyway. When we
move with awareness and rest in that change peacefully we can feel happy and
easy in the next level of our development.

Feldenkrais Lessons are designed to help us find that special something
within us that rests quietly waiting to emerge. We all have it. Sometimes there
is so much other loudness outside us that we can’t hear it bubbling away inside
ourselves. Sometimes we’ve been listening to an unpleasant voice we have
developed within our own heads that is suppressing the emergence. But it’s
there, waiting for our kind attention.

Join me in an Awareness Through Movement Lesson in a group or in a Functional Integration Lesson one on one to experience the next level in your development.