Monthly Archives: September 2014


What is it???  Its that feeling that fills us with vitality and motivation. This is the part of life that lets us know we are on a path that is progressive and positive.

But, how do we get it??  How do we feel it??  Sometimes it seems so far away.

Well, it’s always in us.  How we uncover it is in our power.  Noisy thoughts hide it very often.  Slowing down helps us hear it.  Our culture doesn’t like the idea of slowing down, backing up, and listening to ourselves.  But, this is just the right medicine to come closer to inspiration, freedom, ease, flow.

So, slow down, back up, listen to yourself.  Feel something in yourself or about yourself for a few moments.  Find your inspiration!  Know that your inspiration is part of the structure of life that keeps it moving forward for everyone.  The Feldenkrais Method helps you do this.  Come join me for a class or a one on one lesson!!

See you there!