Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Feldenkrais Method

This is a method of approaching situations in life from the perspective of the fully open learner.  “What is that,” you ask. Sensing with all that is available to sense with, to determine the route of greatest efficiency in function.

At any given moment we have an infinite number of options. Unfortunately, the hardest part is sensing all of the options available. As we exist in this life moment by moment we develop a habit of view, a way of being that corresponds to greatest efficiency at some point in time.  But, things change with time.  Situations arise that require different ways of being for greatest efficiency.  The more open each of us is as a learner, at any given moment, the more options we can see, feel, hear, smell, and sense, to determine the most efficient way of action.

How can I open my senses to more options?????                         Practice. Practice. Practice.

Can I open more as my existence progresses?????  Sure…..fortunately, the imagination is a beautiful assistant in allowing more depth of sense.  I am grateful!!!  Off to the next adventure!!



Back to School

Here we go!!  For many folks spring time feels like a time of renewal. For some reason the fall feels that way for me.  Maybe it’s because I teach in a class room.  Fall seems like the beginning of something new for me.

Although it is the beginning of a lot of stress for me as well as many others.  But it is a time for learning.  It’s a time for something new and unfamiliar to enter your thought processes.  It’s a time for change.

Learning doesn’t have to be all academic in the traditional sense, I mean reading lots of words, looking at diagrams and spending long hours trying to remember something for a test.  I like the idea of learning to feel differently about something, changing a belief about something. What if we could actually change a core sensation, a deeply held belief, about something in ourselves.  Wouldn’t that make learning easier???

So often people have a certain idea about themselves that makes it hard to do somethings.  For example, someone might say, “I’m just not good at French.”  If that person could somehow change the way he feels about his ability to speak French wouldn’t it make it easier to learn?????  Think of that person you know that picks up languages so easily and allow yourself to become that.  What is getting in your way???  Our beliefs often get in our way.  Can we let some of them go??  Try it!!  Sometimes it feels better.  Learn to feel a new way about you!