Happy Winter :)

Here in the mid-western United States we find the cold air, shorter days and the slowing of nature to cue us to do the same if we are able to notice those cues.   However, the holidays are upon us as well.  Just as in the body, there are multiple cues from multiple angles with multiple trajectories and different levels of emphasis.  Nature outside signals a time of slowing, retreat, regeneration, and recovery for us here in the central US.  But, just the word “holidays,” can signal “get up and go,” quite loudly for many.  How do we allow both of these seemingly opposite things to occur together???

Balance, I believe, is in order.  Nature is so smart!!  We, humans, are part of nature.  But, the natural world is much quieter than, “the holidays.”  Allow yourself to notice what a gift from nature can do for you and have a nice pause. 🙂