Embrace It All

When we are small everything seems big.  When we are big so many things seem small.  When we are young time goes slow.  When we are old time goes so fast.  What’s up with that????

When we are young so many things seem sooooo significant.  When we get older so many things seem insignificant.

It seems like all we can see are the 2 ends.  The middle becomes very vague.  But the middle is where all the juice is!!  Between the two ends there is so much going on.  Is it possible to embrace it all??  I am not so sure.  How can I put my attention on it all?  Well, I guess I just have to pick what I can pay attention to.  I like to pay attention to the good stuff.  But, if I pay attention to the stuff I don’t like so much maybe I can change it.

As we move along the circle of life it’s nice to feel as much as we can and notice all of the good stuff.  We can make things better by believing they can be better.  If we allow ourselves to change our beliefs we can change ourselves.  If we embrace it all we have more to work with.  Everything we do and sense is important. How we allow those things to function in context is how we make our world.  We can make our world better and better every moment we are here when we choose to sense and do so.  I believe in better.