The autonomic nervous system

What a wonderful thing we are all born with.  It works without a thought, allowing us to breath, eat and digest, see the world, touch the world, smell the world, help a friend, cry at a funeral, cough when something we eat ends up going in the wrong direction, drive a car, walk down the street, laugh at a funny joke. Except, when it doesn’t. For many of us it seems what should be automatic isn’t working or not the way that seems comfortable.  How does this happen?  Why does this happen?  Could it be because it’s wired in?  How did it get wired that way?  Did we have something to do with it?  Did our friends have something to do with it?  Did our parents have something to do with it?  Everything has something to do with it.  Can it be changed?  I believe so.  I believe we can consciously work with what seems so automatic in us.  I believe we can change many things.  But, we need not be impatient.  Things like this take time.  Moshe Feldenkrais refers to “successive approximations.”  These are small adjustments.  We can all make them.  Can we allow ourselves to see and accept them?  I believe we can.  Join me and find out how!!  Moshe Feldenkrais found out how to make the automatic part of himself work for him.  With his method we can all do that for ourselves.  Amazing things can become more, “possible, easy, elegant!”