Finding the Key to Your Hips and Spine


Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® is a learning method that approaches the natural self- organizing system of the body.

During this 2 ½ hour workshop each individual will be invited to discover their own personal “key,” to the hips and spine.  While utilizing the felt sense of the body in standing, walking, sitting, and lying, group participants will begin to shape their movements into more coordinated, whole body gestures of action.

Students will be verbally guided through gentle movement experiments to find the hidden treasures within their own action which lead to improved function in the hips and spine.

Movements are repeated in a gentle, easy, comfortable manner.  With playful curiosity students are encouraged to find differences between the two sides of the body and “learn” through sensing how to grow movements into fluidity through the natural function of the nervous system.

Throughout the lessons we will use “sensory scans” with awareness of the bony skeletal structure of the body in gravity on the surface of the earth from each individual’s own starting point to build more ease in movement.

The results of these lessons can be felt for days to come following a class.

Join us to find more ease in your spine and hips. Find the Joy of You!

Facilitator: Sandy Weiss

Cost: $25

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